Chapter 1 – Soil City Lab


During Glasgow International 2016, we undertook a period of field research to initiate a conversation about soil, roving around the city on bikes equipped with a bespoke testing kit to engage people in soil assessments, worm surveys, clay collection, plant identification, mini archaeological digs, and conversations about our relationship to the land.  The information gathered was displayed in the Soil City Laboratory, 3 Osborne Street, Glasgow.

Open daily throughout the festival, the Lab acted as a central space for sharing and analysing data, as we began to build a visual picture of Glasgow as a soil city. The public were invited to view the evolving exhibition, take part in experiments, contribute to the discussion, delve into our library, and bring their own soil sample to add to the collection. The Lab also hosted a programme of talks, walks, screenings and workshops.  Field research notes and reflections were published online daily.

Watch a short film made during Glasgow International about the project.