Resource area

We were loaned a library of books related to soil that people could browse over a cup of tea at the Soil City Lab. These included:

Soil and vegetation systems St Trudgill (1977)
Soil Erosion R P C Morgan (1979)
Vegetation and Soils S R Eyre (1963)
The soil: an introduction to soil study in Britain R M Courtney and S T Trudgill (1976)
The Soil J MacBean (1961)
The Landscape Below Bruce Ball
Soil management Bryan Davies

Plants with a purpose
Richard Maybe
Hungry City Carolyn Steel

Rebel Cities David Harvey
Soil and Soul Alastair McIntosh

Feral George Monibot
The Allotment David Crouch

Small is beautiful E.F. Schumacher  
Wild Fermentation Sandor Ellix Katz
One Straw Revolution Masanobu Fukuoka
The Poor had no Lawyers Andy Wightman
Art and Ecology Now Thames and Hudson
Edible Estates Fritz Haeg
Undermining Lucy R Lippard
The Lure of the Local Lucy R Lippard

Compost Stew Mary McKenna
There’s a Hair in my Dirt Gary Larson