Oat Library

NADFLY Oat Library at the Soil City Laboratory

Nicola and Caspar of NADFLY gave a talk on a Wednesday evening during Glasgow International in a Merchant City railway arch that was transformed into the Soil City Laboratory. Oat Library is an artist vision for creating sculptural pocket fields of oats with Glasgow, and we related an intimate narrative of how the project has developed.

We talked about the challenge of growing oats, a grain rich with history and full of uses from cooking to beauty products. Glasgow’s industrial past is never far away when trying to find uncontaminated ground to grow on, and we have learned as much from archaeologists as from agriculturalists.

At the end of the talk, Nicola made peppermint creams using oat milk, and we gave out ‘oat capsules’ – small glass jars with organic oats, enough for one large serving of porridge or oatmeal.

Many thanks to the team at Open Jar Collective for inviting us to participate in their Soil City programme, and for creating such a great space in the Laboratory!